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The Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet teaches classical theatrical dancing to the highest standards worldwide. The art of Fonteyn, by the end of her life, based on her experience as the most celebrated ballerina of all time, and her long experience dancing on stages around the world, was regarded as the ultimate in dance performance. The Academy upholds her standard of excellence and instills this in its students through rigorous training in classical ballet technique, but ballet technique is not sufficient to produce artists. Therefore, the Academy also teaches music, design, history, personal grooming for the ballet stage (hair, costume, shoe maintenance and makeup) and knowledge of other art forms.

Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias envisioned an international fine arts institution in which all of the arts would be studied under one roof. Her belief was that young artists of divergent fields of expression would enter into conversations about the core issues of art (expression, interpretation, focus, et cetera), and would consequently develop a deeper understanding of the artistic purpose of their endeavors. She and Ken Ludden worked together to develop this concept for the last twelve years of her life, but died before the institution could be built.

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