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Courses in Stage Management, Event Planning, Arts Administration, Sound Board, Lighting, Carpentry for Stage and Studio Management will be taught to members of the general public as well. This is designed to produce a group of individuals who can work on Academy performances, recitals, and other community theater productions.

Parents of Academy students can only take a course if their child has already completed it, or if the child has determined that it will not be a course they will one day take. It is important to keep the esteem of the Academy students as high as possible and have no competitive or authoritative pressure between parents and children.

The Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet seeks to involve the entire community in its programming. Parents and citizens of Peekskill and the surrounding area are invited to bring to the table any skills they have that might be taught as general arts programs at the Academy.

To contribute to any of the current MFAB programs or future projects, send your contribution check with the specific program clearly indicated in the memo line. Otherwise, contributions will be accepted for general operating expenses. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.


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