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Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet needs support in order to provide world class education to the students, and world class ballet performances to the public. Even very small donations help the Academy meet its responsibility. Explore the many ways in which you can contribute, and find the way that best suits your financial picture.

Currently, the Academy needs some specific items which can be donated, or funds can be contributed specifically for these things.

Van - the Academy needs a multi-passenger van to transport faculty, guest lecturers, supplies, dancers, etc. to and from New York City, the airports and train depots, and to pick up and deliver a variety of things.

Scholarship Funds - the Academy needs to have the ability to offer scholarships to talented youth who are not able to pay tuition or for study related items (clothing, shoes, general arts lessons, fees for special field trip events, etc.)

Books, CDs, DVDs, etc. - the Academy library needs to be constantly growing. It currently has just over 2000 books, and a wide variety of music CDs. It also has a collection of over 6000 pieces of sheet music. We need more of everything in the library. Bequests of music, literature, artworks, and movies will only help to better serve the students.

Art Collections - the inclusion of gallery curation as a skill taught to the students means that they must have access to different collections of art. Making rare and valuable works of art (with insurance) available to be shown in gallery exhibitions at the Academy building will greatly help the students. It will also give the students exposure to a wider variety of artwork enhances their awareness, sophistication and maturity as artists.


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