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Each year that there are principal students at the Academy there will be a
public performance with all students appearing, whether they are graduating or
not. For the graduates, however, the performance is also a public offering of
the artistry the student has developed over his or her years at the Academy.
This performance is often part of the senior project for several of the students
as well.

During the final year in the Academy, each student will be paired with a retired
dancer of note. This is an introduction for the student to the kind of mentoring
and coaching that will be expected of them after their careers when they have

A separate graduation ceremony will be held each year, and diplomas will be
handed to each student by their mentor, and the mentor will give a short public
acknowledgement of the special talents of that student.

The Graduation Performance will be attended by choreographers, directors,
ballet mistresses and producers invited to attend. While the mark of
achievement at having completed and fulfilled the requirements of the
Academy will be upon each dancer, they will still have to audition for jobs in
companies to launch their careers. In many ways, the Graduation Performance
will be a very important audition for the students.


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