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The technique taught in the Academy Method is based on the fundamental principles of movement as they apply to classical theatrical dancing. The ultimate goal of this training is to produce dance artists able to perform any and all choreography without any visible influence coming from another dance style. To achieve this, the Fonteyn Academy offers a full curriculum of classical dance technique. In
addition, other movement techniques a professional dancer is required to know
(modern dance, character, ethnic, improvizational, etc.) are taught as well. The
students have a full regimen of technique classes they must learn.

Dancers are also taught the fundamental principles of movement through a
series of workshops in Body Mechanics. These workshops illustrate the ways
in which various muscle sets and joints are designed, the variety of ways they
can be used, and the methods to maximize the efficiency of energy use while
minimizing the stress on any one set of muscles.

"The Choreographer is never wrong." This statement, upon which the
Academy's approach to technique is based, requires that students be
prepared to dance any choreography, in any style, by any method of learning
required. In professional dance companies, the lines of stylistic demarcation
have been blurred by the wide variety of stylistic offerings in repertoire
presented in public performances. Academy graduates are required to
demonstrate the skill to learn and perform any type of work at all. But this
includes the classical ballets in their pure form, as well. Using classical
theatrical dancing as the base, students will be taught how to approach any
sort of movement vocabulary and become fluent enough in it to interpret every
role they are asked to learn.

At the end of the 20th century, the effect of the Ballet Boom years shifted the
emphasis to technique alone in many cases. At the Academy, the highest
standard of technique is demanded from each student, but it is never to be at
the expense of artistic expression. Students will learn how to give a brilliant
technical performance that also meets the highest artistic standards of


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