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In addition to ballet technique classes, specialty classes will be offered and
required for students. Specialty Classes include – classical variations, classical
partnering, contemporary variations, contemporary partnering, character
dancing, acting for dance, pantomime, romantic style, classic style, bravura
style, neo-classic style, International Dance, traditional tribal dance, Balanchine
style, Graham Technique, Hawkins Technique, and Alexander Technique.

Specialty classes will be specifically required at different times in the student’s
Academy career. This will be partially determined by availability, and partially
by the student’s level of ability. As they take these classes, they will then pass
a classroom exam so that they receive credit for having successfully completed
that study. These credits will be considered when a student is seeking to enter
the Upper School.

Such technical specialties as pointe or men’s classes will be offered as regular
technique classes and are required of all students all the time once they have
reached that level of physical ability. Acceptance into the Upper School is not
possible without a minimum of one full year of this study (pointe for girls,
men’s class for boys). There will be separate audition classes in pointe
technique and men’s dance technique for entry into the Upper School.

When you come for the physical assessment, the child should wear
comfortable clothes that allow flexibility but also that are tight enough to see
the muscles and skeletal structure. A fitted T-shirt and shorts are good, if the
child doesn't already have tights and leotards. Girl's hair should be pulled up
and secured so the neck and face are clearly visible.


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