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Ballet is a performed art. Simply working in a studio is not enough to create
seasoned dancers, ready for the professional stage. A very simple truth guides
the student’s progress: Performance Begets Performance.

Therefore, the Academy will create regular opportunities for students to
perform. In addition to seasonal dance reviews performed for the general
public, there will also be choreographic showcases, short danced video
productions, and other opportunities for public performance. Students will
have to audition for these productions on occasion, and other times will be
assigned to perform. The Academy staff alone decides when a student is
ready for performance. If it becomes known that a student has done any
public performance without prior written permission from the Academy staff,
they will be expelled.

In the case that a student is taking another performing art as their general art
class (musical instruments, drama, singing, etc.), they will be allowed to
perform in all public offerings directly related to the course work for these
classes. But if a student is asked to perform by the staff of such programs,
and that performance is not directly related to the course work, they will need
written approval for such public performances prior to the event.

In the case that a student wishes to become registered with Central Casting or
any other agency that arranges for performance-related work, a waiver must
be signed by the Academy staff.

The Academy stands strongly behind public appearances, when the student is
ready. The need for written agreement in these matters is not to restrict, but to
teach proper business approach to public performance, assure that proper
recognition of the student’s work is clearly specified in any contractual
agreement signed by student or parents, and to assure the highest standard of
quality in all public performances.


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