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Entry into the Lower School is a three-part process: assessment, general test
of dance knowledge, and an art exam.

The child must pass physical assessment by our staff to determine the
structural makeup of the skeleton, musculature and overall physical suitability
for classical ballet. They must demonstrate general knowledge of classical
ballet positions, basic steps and terminology by taking an audition class.

The art exam includes a written test, oral presentation and a presentation of a
work of art.

The physical assessment and audition class determine acceptability for entry to
the Lower School.

The art examination determines placement, not acceptability.

Those interested must fill out an application form (downloadable on this
website, or call and have it mailed to you via post), and then schedule an
interview. There will be audition classes for each level, and you must sign up
for these classes in advance. Should your schedule prohibit attendance at a
scheduled audition class, a private session can be arranged, but only in
extreme circumstances.

For some students, private instruction will be recommended, particularly if the
child has had extensive previous training, have special needs, or need to catch
up to the level of the ongoing class to enter it successfully. All of this will be
discussed at the interview, and then a final determination will be made after the
audition class.


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