Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall
850 Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D)
Beacon, NY 12508
Phone: [+1] 845-838-5454
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We have a new home in Beacon, New York!

Our Studio Address is:

850 Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D)

Beacon, NY 12508

Ph: 845-838-5454

We are located in the Rectory Hall of the Saint Luke's Episcopal Church. There is plenty of parking in the church parking lot, and our facility offers many things, including the Boniello Library, where parents can visit while class is going on.

The Academy consists of three segments: Public Ballet, Lower School and Upper School.

The Public Ballet classes are offered for students too young to enter the academy to begin their training so they may one day be an academy student, and for others to take dance classes as exercise or hobby.

The Lower School, ages 8 thru 16, requires entrance and placement examinations, and starts a student on the path of development.

The Upper school, ages 16 thru 21, is for Lower School graduates who choose to pursue careers in professional dance (as performing artists, teachers, choreographers, designers, or dance therapists). Below is a description of the different schools and their requirements.

Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias envisioned an international fine arts institution in which all of the arts would be studied under one roof. Her belief was that young artists of divergent fields of expression would enter into conversations a bout the core issues of art (expression, interpretation, focus, et cetera), and would consequently develop a deeper understanding of the artistic purpose of the ir endeavors. She and Ken Ludden worked together to develop this concept for the last twelve years of her life, but died before the institution could be built.

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