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850 Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D)
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Margot Fonteyn's Vision
Fonteyn Academy vs A Dance School
Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias
Kenneth Ludden, Artistic Director
MFAB Evolution
History of Ballet Schools
Joy Brown, General Art Director
Sveinbjorg Alexanders, School Director

MFAB is an organization that drives the constant evolution of performed fine arts worldwide. Graduates become professionals, and each career adds to the world's rich abundance of fine art culture. The work of MFAB isn't just to teach these students how to dance and prepare them for a long career, but beyond that the mission alters and constantly drives forward the human cultural imprint on history and civilization. As the times change, so does technology, aesthetic and the need to focus on new aspects of life. The continuum of society and civilization, the evolution of the human race, and the constant progression of Geo-political realities sets the agenda for the fine arts in every era. MFAB, therefore, must evolve so that the fine arts, and the highest level of artistry within them, are always healthy and leading the way forward for each subsequent generation.


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