Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall
850 Wolcott Avenue (Route 9D)
Beacon, NY 12508
Phone: [+1] 845-838-5454
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Margot Fonteyn's Vision
Fonteyn Academy vs A Dance School
Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias
Kenneth Ludden, Artistic Director
MFAB Evolution
History of Ballet Schools
Joy Brown, General Art Director
Sveinbjorg Alexanders, School Director

The Academy provides a world class education for serious and talented young ballet
dancers just like the other major ballet academies of the world, but is located in
Peekskill, not in a foreign country. Parents in the local area will have their children at
home. The advantages of this are not to be underestimated. Other major institutions of
ballet training (Royal Ballet School in London, Paris Opera School in France, and
Kirov Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia) offer training to Americans, but only the
Kirov Academy has a campus in the United States (located in Washington, DC), so
that American students must travel internationally and live in dormitories far from home.
But even this is, as all of the others, located in an extremely large metropolitan area,
inside of the city.

The Margot Fonteyn Academy does not currently have a dormitory, but inevitably will
have one in the future to accommodate students not lucky enough to live in the area.
But even at that time, the students will live in the beauty and safety of the Hudson River
Valley, again freeing them to focus on their work. Today's Academy students, who are
able to live at home, have all the benefits of world class education while also having the
support of their families and the serenity of the geographic area.

Placing the Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet in Beacon, New York allows for
easy access to the cultural center in New York City, and subsequent access to some
of the most important artists and institutions in dance in the world, while offering a
location free of stress and lush with natural beauty. Since ballet is an art form that
requires very young children to begin their study, it is important that the atmosphere
around the studio is one of relative safety so that students, and parents, can feel secure
to work without distraction or concern. Beacon is unique due to its dedication to
artists. Arts flourish in Europe where being an artist is an esteemed profession, and
likewise in Beacon, the young students will have the unspoken support of that
esteemed view of their enterprise. Dance is perhaps the most demanding and arduous
of art forms to master, and is done when a person is extremely young and has millions
of other things competing for their attention. To be held in high esteem during this
training will give them confidence in general, and will help to propel them through the
more difficult times of their training.


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